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Donations and Engagement

The costs for the relocation out of the Pumpwerk and the equipment for the new facility will be at CHF 120`000.- the construction of the new facility including the development of the new area will cost around CHF 350`000.-.

Even though the club can realize a lot of work through own contribution and voluntary work, we still depend on help and support to be able cover costs for relocation and construction. The already ensured financial support from the Swisslos-Sportsfonds, Basel-Stadt and the Christoph Merian Foundation are not enough. The club welcomes financial donations as well as volunteers, which are willing to help with removal of the old facility and relocation to the new place. Construction workers, carpenters as well as electricians are highly welcome and can contribute a valuable support for the club and ensure a smooth working process.

We thank every person who helps to ensure kids and young adults can further take advantage of our trend sport supply in the future.

Details for fundraising and sponsoring ideas here.

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