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The Trendsport Club builds it`s own new roof!

The 12-year-old existing trend sport facility at the Pumpwerk will be closed at the end of the year, because the IWB will use the terrain beginning on January 2016. The Trendsport Club wants to thank the IWB for the free usage of the area over the last 12 years.

The search for a new place was done on several levels and was a time intense effort, which came finally to a happy end. The club will build it`s new temporary home in the harbor area, on the former Esso parcel at the Klybeckquai. The goal is to build a light construction facility, which should be ready to move in at the beginning of January 2016 and will be used until end of 2018. After that, the trend sport facility will relocate to the permanent location in the Erlenmattpark.

Right now, the Trendsport Club is busy with planning and other different preparations. The construction start is scheduled for fall, so that we can continue the trend sport facility at the new spot for beginning of 2016.

The financial expense for relocation and equipment costs up to CHF 120`000. -, which is a huge challenge for the club. We need more support, even though we got immense financial help from Swisslos-Sportfonds, Basel-Stadt and the Christoph Merian Foundation. The club appreciates financial donations, donated items as well as voluntary help and support for deconstruction and construction also any assistance with transport would be greatly appreciated.